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Vision & Mission

What are we doing, and why are we doing it.

Our Vision

Empowering retail traders with well-researched and highly innovative trading concepts and techniques. A sharing of years of experience and research that gives them an edge.

Our Mission

Creating a community of sensible, disciplined, and noiseless traders. Sharing of knowledge and experience for the mutual growth of definedge community of traders and investors.

Our Instructors Bring Trading & Investing to Life with Our Video Courses!

Abhijit Phatak

239 Students
1 Course

Brijesh Bhatia

30 Students
1 Course

Prashant Shah

1041 Students
4 Courses

Raju Ranjan

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How Will Definedge Gurukul Benefit You?

Learn at Your Own Pace: Expand your trading knowledge at your own pace with 100% online courses at your fingertips

Comprehensive Courses: Delve deep into our courses, and gain in-depth knowledge of various trading and investing concepts

Exclusive Insights: Gain exclusive insights from seasoned traders, tap into their wisdom and learn from their expertise

Certified Courses: Validate your learnings with a certification for each course gained after an assessment.

Simplified Learning: Created in an easy-to-grasp format, our courses ensure seamless learning even for complex concepts

Live Q&A: Each course conveys knowledge while keeping practical aspects in mind. Get your queries resolved by our mentors with Live Q&A

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Definedge Gurukul offers courses designed to provide you with innovative techniques and strategies for trading and investing in the stock market. Our focus is on subjects that are unique and different. You can benefit from our courses regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. 

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